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The vision of our church is to build a diverse community of Jesus followers through caring relationships. We prioritize welcoming everyone who comes through our doors.

We are committed to the grace and peace of Christ. We love and accept people where they are while sharing the gospel of Jesus to inspire change and transformation. We provide support for those seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We also give space for those who need more time to develop their faith.

While many attendees are new to the Anabaptist/Mennonite denomination, our church is committed to this particular expression of the Christian faith. This is demonstrated in how we encourage peace and justice in a violent world, emphasize decision making as a community, and strive to live as Jesus called us to live.

What does a Sunday service look like? Casual attire is welcome. Like the early church, we have multiple speakers who share the word of God, which fosters recognition and encouragement of gifts throughout the body of Christ.


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Sermon on Jonah

Sermon from Sunday, September 6, 2020 Call to Worship: Proverbs 16 on being at peace with one another. Music: Oceans by Bri Babineaux Sermon: Teaching on Jonah by Eric and Kelly Frey Martin. The Read more…