Sermon On Betrayal

Sermon notes from virtual Zoom service on Sunday, July 12 by Tom Edgington.

  • What do you do when you are the one who betrayed someone?
  • What are some of the different forms of betrayal? Confidentiality and trust. Breaking a promise. Lying or not giving whole truth.
  • All of us have betrayed someone. We all need forgiveness. We all have been victims and perpetrators.
  • The cross is more about our perpetration than about our victimization.
  • Matthew 26:31-35, 69-75
  • Until we are in the circumstance we do not know what we will do.
  • Matthew 26:47-50
  • Betrayal can be even worse when it is done lovingly.
  • Matthew 27:1-5
  • Peter did not hurt himself while remorseful and Judas did. The difference between the two is hope.
  • We still have hope, God’s love, and forgiveness even when we betray.Ā 
  • John 21:15-16
  • Jesus communicating that Peter is loved and useful for God’s purposes no matter what is done.
  • 7 Important Principles in Dealing with Betrayal You Have Committed:
  1. Face the pain.
  2. Feel the pain. If there is no deep remorse, then there will not be true repentance.
  3. Don’t try to kill the pain. God is going to use the pain.
  4. Realize there is hope.
  5. Act accordingly. Apologize and make amends, if possible.
  6. Do not try to force the other person to forgive or reconcile with you.
  7. Remember the feelings will come and go.