What does Jesus say about women?

Notes from a sermon by Betty Collins given August 30.

  • Anabaptists do not have a flat Bible. Jesus interprets the Old Testament. The ultimate revelation comes in Jesus. We cannot pull a verse out and say, “This is what the Bible says.” We have to interpret every verse and every even through Jesus as he shows the heart of God.
  • Book recommendation: The Bible Unwrapped: Making Sense of Scripture.
  • Jesus chose 12 disciples as an object lesson that he is the new Israel, which had 12 tribes in the old time. Luke 8:1-3 shows there were women who traveled with and listened to Jesus, taking part in his kingdom.
  • In the story of Mary and Martha, Jesus defended Mary’s right to get a theological education.
  • Jesus gave illustrations that men would understand and illustrations that women would understand. Jesus was sure both men and women could grasp his message.
  • As the cross approaches, women have more prominent roles. A woman anoints his feet. Women are in front of the cross with John. At the resurrection Jesus appears to the women and tells them to go tell the men.
  • A servant submits as Jesus did. So women submit to men, and men submit to women, and church members submit to each other.
  • Different ways to submit: